Thursday, November 5, 2009

Child Abuse & Neglect

For those who have kids, "Child abuse" and "Neglect" are words and feelings they never want to encounter. According to Jeff Barnard's article entitled, State finds child abuse and neglect at school, the state found around 18 issues that violated state terms in a boarding school located in Central Oregon. After several complaints, they decided to investigate the Mount Bachelor Academy and found instances where students had to act out sexual roles, act out physical abuse and "obscene and degrading comments from the staff." Some parents interviewed actually took the stance opposite to what I was thinking. If I were a parent, and my kid's school had just been taken into investigation, I would want to take them out of that school immediately. It's one thing to do something wrong, but even to be investigated might as well say you've done something wrong. Personally, I know I would NEVER send my child to a boarding school because I would miss them too much. So, for the parents that do, I can see why they don't really care if the school they sent their child to is being investigated for making children do obscene acts. This school obviously needed to be looked at from a closer angle so that the "troubled" kid's that DO go there, will be safe from harm. This makes me wonder, what is the world coming to? The people we are supposed to trust with our children's lives are steadily proving us wrong day by day. Starting with Day-Care, School, Boarding schools, who can we really trust?

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  1. Safety at School is now in Question?? Reading this article really does worry me, as well it should worry those who actually have kids. Heather makes a pretty steady arguement implying the lack in trust we should have in schools at this point. It is extremely sad to think we have reached a point where children can't even be somewhat safe in schools. As parents and adults, the people of this economy put enormous trust in the political system, in which we pay our valuable tax dollars towards neccesatites such as eduction. Our expectations are high, as well they should be, and morally corrupted schools like in this case is just another blow to our heavily set standards. Heather made her standpoint clear and fully supported it with a fair arguement, nice job and catchy topic.